Beautifully made. An articulate page-turner of an album that feels like a short story collection in 10 songs.” - Marilyn Rea Beyer

— WFMT 98.7 Chicago - The Midnight Special

Be Brave, the latest release by ace songwriters Catherine Miles and Jay Mafale, is an all-around homerun! Excellent writing, over-the-top vocal performances & musicianship, complex arrangements, with every track a listening pleasure. Diverse tempos, melodies and subject matter, this record is top-notch start to finish, and I highly recommend giving it a listen, preferably with head phones! Two thumbs up for this stellar release!” - Tom Tranchilla

— KPFT 90.1 Houston - Songwriter's Studio

The album is excellent, from two talented and creative artists. whose songs entertain the ears, heart, and mind!” - Lilli Kuzma

— WDCB 90.9 Glen Ellyn/Chicago - Folk Festival

The songs are wise and moving, the melodies poignant. Front and center, Catherine’s voice conveys every emotional nuance, like a painter whose brush bleeds sepia and autumn gold.” - Richard Cuccaro, Editor

— Acoustic Live in New York City and Beyond



Miles & Mafale are storytellers with a sprinkling of pop-catchiness known for their plain poetry, clever humor, and unique perspectives. Catherine’s voice – an expressive powerhouse. Jay’s guitar – an immersive soundscape. Their candid and playful style onstage has earned them acclaim in venerable listening rooms and festivals nationwide. Their songwriting has earned them recognition as Most Wanted Emerging Artist at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and three-time Kerrville New Folk Finalists.



Catherine Miles & Jay Mafale are married co-conspirators in song. They are two scoops of modern folk with a generous sprinkling of pop-catchiness, topped off with the wit and flair that comes of their theater backgrounds. 

Catherine’s voice - resonant, expressive, a powerhouse. She’s got range and she’s not afraid to use it. Jay’s guitar - percussive, melodic, thoughtful. He propels and punctuates the narrative. Their shared experience has taught them about perseverance and perspective, and those strengths are evident in their song craft. They invite folks inside their songs with a story to be told, a friend they want you to meet, a villain or hero presented with a flourish. 

In addition to appearing on venerable stages and festivals across the country, their songwriting has earned them recognition as Most Wanted Emerging Artists at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, three-time Kerrville New Folk finalists, South Florida Folk Festival/Vic Heyman Award finalists, and Honorable Mentions in Mid-Atlantic and Braver Angels song contests. They have performed as Official Showcase Artists at the Northeast Regional (NERFA), Southeast Regional (SERFA), Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM), and Southwest Regional (SWRFA) Conferences.

Audiences first came to know Catherine and Jay as a trio, The YaYas, with piano man Paul SIlverman. More recent years have found them touring the country with friends Carolann Solebello and Karyn Oliver as No Fuss and Feathers.

In any configuration, Catherine Miles & Jay Mafale bring a candidness and playful approachability to the stage, disarming audiences and opening hearts wide enough to let some light in.

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